Take it ISY: our wide range of products

Our innovative ISY products make life easier with a whole range of electronic devices, such as headphones, phone chargers, power banks, WiFi adapters, notebook cases and accessories for iPods, iPhones and iPads. Be amazed by our colourful selection of gadgets. Their intuitive design makes them ISY-peasy to use. Our motto: plug and play!


The top view of various ISY products for smartphones, including power banks, charger, protective case, car holder and charging cable, green-brown background

Mobile accessories

Tender love and care: Get the best protection and handy accessories for your smartphone. ISY offers high-quality accessories for a wide range of smartphone brands, including display protectors, phone holders, selfie sticks and chargers. Take a look!

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Let there be light! Add a sparkle to your home with our energy-saving LED lights and beautiful accessories! Set colourful accents with our LED strips or create a cosy atmosphere with our versatile ISY fairy lights.

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The top view of three different lightbulbs, next to two colourful LED strips, all products made by ISY, grey background
A computer mouse, mousepad, headphones, keyboard and screen, all ISY gaming products, in bleed, close-up, dark background


Looking for the full gaming experience? Our first-class gaming and console accessories make it easier than ever to immerse yourself in whole new worlds. You’ll find everything in the ISY gaming selection – from mice to keyboards. Rediscover your favourite games with our ISY gaming accessories.

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Computer accessories

A PC is nothing on its own: Get high-quality accessories for your computer or notebook with our WiFi adapters, mice and keyboards. Our cleaning and compressed air sprays are excellent care products, and the ISY webcam covers ensure more security and privacy online.

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The top view of a computer mouse on a black mousepad, next to an adapter cable, laptop case and USB stick, some in the bleed, all products made by ISY, blue background
The top view of ISY photography products, including a selfie stick, tripod, camera case and charger, in bleed

Camera accessories

Do you want to make lifelong memories? Our functional accessories and smart holders for digital cameras and action cams will help you capture life’s most beautiful moments. Find out more about our practical ISY adapters, bags and extensions for your camera.

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Headphones and earphones

Enjoy the perfect sound on the go, at the gym or in the comfort of your own home: Our extensive range of ISY headphones, earphones and headsets in various designs will fulfil all your musical desires and treat your ears to the best listening experience.

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Various ISY headphones and earphones, PEAQ laptop, different colours, green-blue background
The top view of a TV wall mount, surrounded by HDMI cables and chargers, all products made by ISY, green background


Get top TV entertainment in your own front room! ISY lets you create your very own home cinema with different sizes of TV wall brackets, indoor aerials and HDMI cables. Discover our TV accessories.

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Your benefits

Exceptional design doesn’t have to be expensive: The functional products in the ISY range are impressively modern and easy on your wallet. ISY offers the right tools for every situation, from important business meetings to relaxing afternoons by the pool.


Ease of use: smart and intuitive technology
Portability: gadgets that are tailored to you
Quick start: simply connected with plug and play
A young woman listening to music with ISY earphones, in a field with long grass, summery sunset feeling


ISY sees environmental protection and sustainability as more than just a trend.

For us, offering high-quality products at amazing prices goes hand in hand with our environmental responsibility.

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Have you purchased an ISY product and need more information? Download the right documents here. You can either search by product or device number!

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ISY – the brand

ISY – the clue is in the name… The private label developed for MediaMarkt and Saturn has an impressive range of products that are incredibly easy to use, exceptionally designed and surprisingly affordable.

ISY offers innovative solutions to enhance your digital lifestyle with a whole range of electronic devices, such as headphones, phone chargers, power banks, WiFi adapters, notebook cases and accessories for iPods, iPhones and iPads.

Discover the latest generation of high-quality plug-and-play products right here or on the MediaMarkt and Saturn online store.